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Use Pendulum Dowsing and the Dowsing Coach to Explore Your World 

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Pendulum Dowsing will assist you if you have:
 Lots of unanswered questions?   
 Puzzled?      Want to resolve some issues?

You will find answers as you have come to the right place!

Pendulum - suspended from chain or string
Here you will not only find techniques but also support as you:
  • Choose the best food, vitamins, plants, doctors and much more.
  • Avoid freeway backups by choosing the fastest and safest route.
  • Locate those broken wires or leaky pipes  
  • Hire the best employee.
Learning the Whys and Hows of Pendulum Dowsing you will 
  •  Save you time and money
    • Find missing items or the best deals
    • Personalize your shopping as you choose the healthiest foods 
    • Before buying a new/used car do a quick analysis
  • Explore ---- the opportunities are unlimited.
Dowsing Coach, Sue Trumpfheller, provides Pendulum Dowsing Techniques
to support businesses and individuals

Sue's books --

She uses tools and procedures to enhance multiple areas of daily living. 

Got Questions?  Ask Sue Here

     It was used by royalty as well as sheepherders. Today most of the references to dowsing are to locating water or oil. Dowsing helped settle the west and stories tell of the Spanish explorers using dowsing to locate gold. Many biblical references point to the use of the rod and the staff. Keep exploring! There is a lot to learn.
  • For a list of TWENTY TWO REASONS TO DOWSE send an e-mail to Sue
  • USING THE PENDULUM will save effort:
  • Use it in business to test new products for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Choose the best vitamins, plant food, and many other products.
  • Avoid freeway backups by choosing the fastest and safest route.
  • Use it in business to test for broken wires or pipes 
  • Hire the best employee.
  • Explore more, as the opportunities are unlimited

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