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Sue’s Mission

          To share with the world the tools and techniques of dowsing or bio-detection as we:

          Care for the Earth          Care for the People          Honor the spirit in all things
How can Sue help you?

Sue Trumpfheller, the primary dowsing coach on this site, has been using a pendulum since the mid 60's.  She has helped thousands to learn to dowse and shares her wisdom in a series of books.  Sue has clients around the world as she helps them resolve their issues and challenges.  She has spoken at conferences and meetings for many organizations. 

Celebrating 50 years using the Pendulum


Sue was born and raised in Michigan.  She spent many summers in Traverse City MI.  Growing up in East Lansing, the campus of Michigan State became her playground.  Sue went on to graduate from Michigan State with a BS in Math. Married to a Marine she traveled the country from coast to coast and spaces in between.  Her three children are successful in their own professions and she has five children.

In the early 60's Sue was where you are today.  She had read a short article on how to use the pendulum in a woman's magazine.  Sue made a pendulum - a wood ring on a string.  Doz
ens of pendulums later she say: "It has been a wonderful journey"

Sue's PAST

Sue began writing books on the pendulum with her first, "Discover Color" in 1990.  She followed that with 99 Ways to Use the Pendulum.  In 2002, her semi-biographical book, "Discover the Pendulum" was first publishes.  In it she shares her stories, experiences and experiments.  It is like a month long dowsing class.  It was rewritten and republished in 2013.  All her books have gone through a rewrite and will be published both in hardback and e-book format.   

Sue has served as Chapter President and Program Chairman for Orange County CA for 15; she served as a Trustee for The American Society of Dowsers. She has spoken, for 24 years, at Conference, Chapter and organizational meeting from coast to coast.


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  • Sue continues to write articles and books on Color, Pendulum Dowsing, Subtle Energies and Self Empowerment.
  • She is a trained tele-leader and teaches tele-forums and classes by phone.
  • Sue holds workshops and training as a tele-classes around the world
  • In 2005, Sue began creating Chi Patterns.  - shaman engineered designs called the Energy Medicine of the future - on the cutting edge.  She Continues to Create upon request of Clients  Click for Chi Energy Product
For more about Sue Trumpfheller follow her on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Susan (Sue) Bacon Trumpfheller
by the American Society of Dowsers

Recommendation for Sue

"Sue Trumpfheller is always out on the edge of new and evolving research in the fields of health and well-being.  If you are looking for someone who knows about health concerns created by the world we are in and how to counter them, you can trust Sue."   Ric Messier Senior Security Consultant and Author Vermont

Additional Recommendations can be found at Linked In. 

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