Discovery IV
Use Pendulum Dowsing and the Dowsing Coach to Explore Your World 

Dowsing Coach

         Is your office or home facing challenges?
      • Are there lots of power lines in your area?
      • Is there lots of bad moods or disagreements in your home or office?
      • Is this the best marketing program to produce sales of $______
      • Does your space have lingering noxious or "bad" energies that make you feel sleepy?

Need assistance?

Want help with your dowsing?
Learn how to use these charts?

Let me help you explore some puzzling issues

These are questions you will need some assistance with:
  •  “Should I marry…?” 
  •  “Should I get a degree …?” 
  •  “Should I move to ….?”
  •  "Should I take this job?"

Sue's CLASSES - Tele-Seminars  IT'S All About Energy - Subtle Energy

 1. Dowsing (basics, intermediate or advanced)
2. Color Therapy and Light from A to Z
3. Labyrinth (flags and colored ribbons, at the beach or rocks)
4. Energy work for homes, offices or your body
5. Procrastination
6. Create Magic, Create Intentions

Got More Questions? Ask Sue Here

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